Season 2012 opens!

Waterworld Themed Waterpark opens for the 2012 Season!


Waterworld  Waterpark, the award-winning Greek themed waterpark opened its doors on Thursday  5th of April 2012, just before the Easter holidays!

This year Waterworld will again be bigger and better with the addition of two spectacular new rides. Inspired by the God of the God’s Zeus, Waterworld brings you:


Thunderbolt will be erected next to the existing Lightning speed slide with sharp twists and steep drop, guaranteed to thrill. This ride is not for the faint-hearted! There is a height restriction on this ride, but as it is marked at only 1.20 meters most brave young warriors can usually reach that mark at 6 or 7 years of age!

In addition to the new dare-devil speed slide, Waterworld has teamed up with one of the top US special effects companies to add even more excitement to the ride. Riders will encounter an ever changing number of experiences when embarking the Thunderbolt!

The second addition will be the all new Minotaur Wet bubble complete with new pool and play area for both children and adults. Climbers have to brave their way to the top of the bubble with the use of a rope, careful not to encounter the fearful Minotaur! Anyone as brave as Theseus can conquer the Minotaur  and reach the top!

Riders on our most popular signature ride Drop to Atlantis will this year be enthralled even more with the new additions! Come face to face with Poseidon in Europe’s biggest wave pool, POSEIDON’S’ Wavepool or simply get soaked in the newly renovated Children’s Trojan Adventure!

Waterworld Waterpark in Ayia Napa, winner of 24 international awards is Europe’s largest themed waterpark and Cyprus’s number one tourist attraction. With over 22 thrilling attractions, it is the ultimate leisure activity

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