WATERWORLD OPENS April 10th 2014

Waterworld Ayia Napa is opening its doors this Thursday 10th April for the 19th season completely re-vamped and ready to receive hundreds of thousands of guests. Bigger and brighter than ever Waterworld introduces more children’s slides and toys, more games will adorn the powerful Trojan horse and interactive area, more relaxing areas for the not so adventurous with our very own spa.

Even customers waiting in ride queues will be pleasantly greeted with game mats lining the floors. There are also more shaded areas around the Lazy river for families who need more protection.

The mighty ‘Quest of Heracles’ ride has had a complete make-over which adds to the experience of riders sliding through the serpent at terrific speed! As this is the fastest ride in the park two riders can compete against each other, finally exiting from the serpents mouth to the run-out pool below.

Waterworld Greek themed waterpark in Ayia Napa Cyprus is no newcomer to the international stage, having received 25 International awards of excellence for marketing and Innovation from WWA – World Waterpark Association and IAAPA – International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions in the U.S. The prestigious awards have been presented to Waterworld annually since first opening its doors in 1996. The Greek mythological setting and ‘step back in time’ look has been carefully planned over the years and the whole park is resplendent with Greek columns, fountains, plazas and statues of all the Greek Gods.

Waterworld Ayia Napa received further world wide acclaim last year when it was named and featured by CNN as one of the world’s top 12 waterparks. It presented Waterworld’s ‘Fall of Icarus’, the world’s first Boomerango ride and Atlantis three person raft ride with the huge Greek temple facade. These rides were designed built and themed exclusively for Waterworld Ayia Napa by leading Canadian manufactures. Riders can embark on a mythological journey down the steep Boomerango, being pushed to the limit towards the sun – just like Icarus himself, and then tossed back down to Earth! In Waterworld the riders experience fun and excitement as they slide backwards over the hump and cool down in the pool below.

Tamara Hinson from CNN was clearly impressed with Waterworld’s Greek theme with her caption: ‘Inspired by Mount Olympus, the thrill rides at Waterworld Waterpark include tube rides, whirlpool rides and Poseidon’s Wave Pool!’ She also mentions additional attractions like the Fish Spa and EMW Go Karts adjoining Waterworld and the Trojan horse attraction – a big hit with the little warriors who constantly get soaked by a huge tipping bucket atop this wonderful interactive play structure.

Innovation and constant renovation are ways of maintaining the waterpark’s popularity. New rides and attractions have been added every year since opening its doors and millions of visitors from all over the world have experienced the magic. The bulk of Waterworld’s visitors are primarily European and East European, however locals and The Middle East are also markets which are on the increase.

Having recently introduced the Minotaur Wet Bubble, a big hit with the children, Waterworld conjured up something more daring for the young-at-heart inspired by the God of the Gods – Zeus, Thunderbolt and Lightning! Thunderbolt has been placed next to the existing Lightning speed slide with sharp twists and a steep drop. This ride is not for the faint-hearted! The height restriction on this ride is marked at only 1.20 meters so most brave young warriors can usually reach that mark at 6 or 7 years of age! Look out for this spectacular bright red and yellow ride towering over the park at over 60 feet high.

Aphrodite, Goddess of Love and beauty who was born from the foamy seas in Cyprus has her very own baths here in Waterworld’s Adult pool where visitors can also relax on the foamy bubble benches. This is a wonderful pool for visitors looking for something gentle and soothing. The high- light this season to this beautiful area is the juice bar offering an array of freshly squeezed tropical fruits! Equally relaxing and laid back is The River Odyssey – Waterworld’s Lazy River which meanders around the park amidst crumbling stone pillars, Cyclops the one eyed Polyfimos and the Monster of Scilla. Encounter the adventures of Odysseus, King of the island of Ithaca and one of the Greek heroes who fought in the siege of Troy. Indeed as the Waterworld slogan writes: ‘Where Myth becomes reality!’

All of Waterworld’s major attractions tell their own mythological tale, including the mighty Poseidon’s Wave Pool which stretches over an incredible 3000 square metres. According to Greek mythology Poseidon was second only to Zeus. He created the horse and his weapon was the trident which could shake the earth. Guests can ride the powerful waves here in Waterworld’s Poseidon’s wave pool together with the whole family. It is a ride not to be missed!

Waterworld in Ayia Napa offers something for every age group and this variety of world class attractions enhances Tourism and entertainment in Cyprus. As the Managing Director states: ‘With this diversity in fun entertainment, food outlets, spa facilities and souvenirs, Waterworld Ayia Napa truly lives up to its reputation as Cyprus’s Number One Tourist Attraction by far! Greek mythology is brought to life with modern technology!’